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The History

The first BOA Hotels project is an ode to fully exploring the space and memory of “Bairro do Silva”, a historic neighbourhood in the heart of Porto established in the end of the 19th century

1-The Memory

Barrio Do Silva was a typical working class housing complex also known as "Island ". It was noticeably different from similar estates in other industrial cities. Grouped together as neighbourhoods, and set in the heart of the urban quarters. It is believed that Porto’s “islands” were influenced by British back-to-back houses built from the late 18th to early-20th century

2-The Project

Rehabilitating the buildings, preserving the neighbourhood, and maintaining the existing structures were the responsibilities of Pablo Pita and Heim Balp Architekten. With a concern to keep the spirt of Barrio do Silva, they bent the project to fit the buildings instead of the other way around

3-The Turnover

Coherence was emphasized throughout the project. Using strict preservation construction techniques in the houses, they preserved the wood and maintained the painted beams while keeping the form of the buildings untouched.
Village by Boa is like a town within the city

4- Village by BOA

Village by BOA is a place of memories, but also a place that celebrates a calmer pace of life – enjoyed with time and space.
Through the interior design of Bacana Studio, BOA Hotels has created a hotel experience that evokes the feeling of being at home

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